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Cakes here are really good. Taste like homemade. Even better!
Diana N via - May 25, 2020
Late post my Birthday Day was a ...
Late post my Birthday Day was a few weeks back since we're sheltering in place my husband surprised me with a cake from here. It was so good. The flavors were perfect had a pineapple coconut cake. Will be coming back for his birthday day cake in a few weeks. Have gotten a few cakes from here before never been disappointed. One issue ... read more
Marie W. via - May 21, 2020
Quick story: I was watching the ...
Quick story: I was watching the price is right this morning. They were advertising a trip to Jamaica and mentioned something about their famous hummingbird cake. And I was like oooooooh what is that?! I want some! Then I searched far and wide to see if they sold the cake in the bay area and what do you know?? THEY DOOOO and only in O ... read more
Paris H. via - May 20, 2020
I'm convinced everything here is ...
I'm convinced everything here is delicious. My fiancé is from Vallejo and put me on this place. The owner is super sweet. I came in on Easter Sunday (I had no idea they were closed because of Covid-19) and she opened up just for me. They only had cheesecake left and OH MY GOODNESS! The best cheesecake I've ever had, and I'm not even ... read more
Jasmine O. via - May 9, 2020
This bakery is one of the BEST! The options for cakes, cookies & small desserts are great and everything I have purchased has been superior in taste & appearance. During pandemic I have done large orders to take to Assisted Living staff and the Bakery has stepped up to accommodate my big order. The best of the best!!
Hawaii Girl via - May 5, 2020
My Go-To Bakery for Everything! Custom Cakes & House Treats! All the Ladies are Wonderful!!
Jill Davis via - Apr 25, 2020
Service friendly, patient and helpful. All of there products are delectable quality.
Lonnie Vinson via - Mar 16, 2020
Ordered BD cake from here for the ...
Ordered BD cake from here for the first time. We loved it! We usually do a fresh strawberry cake with whipped cream. It was delicious. They are pricey but we enjoyed the cake.
Jasmine B. via - Mar 15, 2020
Very friendly service, nice selection of sweets, and reasonable pricing. Great visit for any sweet tooths out there.
Henry Hogue via - Mar 1, 2020
We got a champagne kiss cake for ...
We got a champagne kiss cake for my teenager's birthday and it was one of the best cakes I've ever had. The frosting was not too sweet and had a slight taste of Champaign. The cake was so moist and fluffy. I highly recommend them! Their stuffed cupcakes are to die for. I have had many of them and they all are amazing.
Lakshmi L. via - Feb 28, 2020
A last minute decision to get cupcakes ...
A last minute decision to get cupcakes.  I walked in and got a dozen cupcakes; one of each flavor displayed in the cold case.  Everyone at the party loved them!  Moist and delicious as usual.  I love the new location and the young lady with the pink hair waited on me...very friendly!
Diane D. via - Feb 21, 2020
Delicious pastries! Cupcakes are ...
Delicious pastries! Cupcakes are super moist and delicious. My favorite is their peanut butter cookies! Nice and crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. Yum!! A little pricey but worth it in my opinion. I would give 5 stars but the service is hit or miss. Really depends on who is working that day. Tends to get crowded on Satur ... read more
Ara R. via - Feb 21, 2020
I love hummingbird bakery ... read more
Danyael Williams via - Feb 20, 2020
Beautiful bakery...great treats ... read more
Lauren Smith via - Jan 22, 2020
Great pastry, good customer service.
Wayne Hill via - Jan 19, 2020
Food and places look fabulous but ...
Food and places look fabulous but five dollars for a slice of cake is outrageous. We live in the state that constantly rip off it's people. It's seems to trickle down to the places that we patronize. Where is the empathy and understanding when it comes to products and purchase with in the community and state ... read more
Mary H. via - Jan 18, 2020
The little bakery that could..
The little bakery that could...expanded and moved from a small spot off springs road to this flourishing space on Sonoma about the "glow up"!  Hummingbird bakery has fine selection of delicious favorite is their carmel cake but that should be reserved for special occasions only. ( easily can OD on that).
Lauren S. via - Jan 18, 2020
Jennifer Panameno via - Jan 7, 2020
Do yourself a favor and get the eclair. I bought a Boston cream pie and I had to eat the whole thing by myself ... read more
DAVID JURY via - Jan 4, 2020
Great ... read more
Aaron W via - Dec 27, 2019
Dec 2019: Updated to mention that the full-sized pecan pies are delicious as well. We called to ask if they had any pecan pies left, they didn't but made the pies special order, and fresh, just for us! Can't beat that Dec 2018: Delicious pies, reasonable prices. They had these small pecan pies that were like $1.75 each! We'll be bac ... read more
Abhi Shek via - Dec 23, 2019
My wifes favorite bakery, was up on Springs Rd. Moved down to Sonoma Blvd. Next to 3 Bros.
bob arnold via - Dec 17, 2019
GREAT service and great pies ... read more
George Barragan via - Dec 17, 2019
Excellent cupcakes price alittle high ... read more
Bob Arnold via - Dec 17, 2019
Could be 4 stars, but the young lady who works the front counter, is not really knowledgeable about the inventory and can be a bit rude, but the desserts are excellent.
Angela Brown via - Dec 10, 2019
Great cakes ... read more
Bonnie Clark via - Dec 3, 2019
Hummingbird is the best bakery that I've been in and this side of the northern California ... read more
Ali Evans via - Nov 24, 2019
this place is amazing ... read more
fernando diaz via - Nov 24, 2019
Yummy sweets!!! Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce!
gregorio caragan via - Nov 24, 2019
Good quality bake goods.they are a bit pricey but you get high quality great tasting treats ... read more
Walter Truesdale via - Nov 24, 2019
Love their cupcakes, especially ...
Love their cupcakes, especially the apple pie cupcake, however I was disappointed that they did not have the eggnog cupcake, even though it was on their website menu. Also when I called to see what flavor the icing was, for said eggnog cupcake, the person answering the phone did not state that they did not have eggnog cupcakes at thi ... read more
Angela B. via - Oct 29, 2019
Friendly staff and delicious baked goods ... read more
Sharonda White via - Oct 24, 2019
Delicious foods ... read more
J Dubu White via - Oct 24, 2019
I love their Tea cakes and soft ...
I love their Tea cakes and soft serve vanilla ice cream (of which they can add any fruit they have available. I had pineapple added; my daughter had fresh strawberries added. The peanut butter cookies were good also. I heard the pies were to die for, so I am planning to order for Thanksgiving. I heard I need to order now because it m ... read more
Hadassah T. via - Oct 21, 2019
Banana pudding, peach cobbler, ...
Banana pudding, peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, sweet potato pecan pie, hummingbird cake, all the stuff real bakeries are made of. I've enjoyed Hummingbird's baked goodness on three separate occasions and the first thing I need to call out is the consistency. The desserts are always on flavor overload, moist, buttery, smooth, rich, ... read more
Candace C. via - Oct 19, 2019
If you want a delicious eclair ...
If you want a delicious eclair or some yummy uniquely flavored cupcakes, this is the place to go.  I love their eclairs!!
Christina S. via - Oct 3, 2019
I love the new location. I typically ...
I love the new location. I typically don't have a sweet tooth but my family members come in frequently. One day I happened to tag along and also had a stress-induced sweet tooth and I wasn't disappointed at all. The chocolate chip cookies are beyond delicious, the white chocolate covered marshmallow was heavenly, the pound cake was g ... read more
Renee F. via - Sep 17, 2019
After almost getting scammed by ...
After almost getting scammed by a different baker that I had planned on orginally using I called them on a Monday out of desperation. Hoping I could get a themed cake on short notice. Luckily they were able to fit my request in!!
The cake came out cute and the staff there are fabulous!

I'll definitely will be going with th
... read more
Chelsea S. via - Sep 7, 2019
I have been here multiple times ...
I have been here multiple times. We buy their cakes for our family birthday parties and have never been disappointed! My favorite is the Caramel Cake! Absolutely delicious! 3 layers of pure yumminess. We have also had the Hummingbird Cake. A cross between a banana cake and a carrot cake. So good!! Another must try are the personal Pi ... read more
Dee P. via - Aug 25, 2019
I usually get the German Chocolate ...
I usually get the German Chocolate cake when I go here, but I chose the Peach Cobbler at my last visit and it was EVERYTHING!! I will absolutely be going back specifically for more of that cobbler!!
Just L. via - Aug 24, 2019
Good cakes.
G Charlene via - Aug 24, 2019
I love this place they make everything with love. Cheesecake a must ... read more
jerrious harris via - Aug 24, 2019
I have been looking for a hummingbird ...
I have been looking for a hummingbird cake for a while since I first had it in San Diego. Found this place which made it. Ordered the hummingbird cake for my parents anniversary and it was absolutely delicious. It weighs ton but was delicious!!!
Sharon C. via - Aug 19, 2019
Great desserts and very friendly ...
Great desserts and very friendly staff!  It's very clean and prices reasonable. I've purchased items for birthdays, parties and holidays. It's just a cool vibe when you walk in.

I recommend Hummingbird all day!
Carla M. via - Aug 16, 2019
Hummingbird is one of my favorite ...
Hummingbird is one of my favorite bakeries! My go-to choices are the old fashioned tea cakes, the pecan coconut cookies, the hummingbird cupcakes and the raspberry dump cupcakes. I haven't tried their cakes yet, but I'll definitely be ordering one from them in the future because the options look tasty! Their new spot on Sonoma is muc ... read more
Alexis R. via - Aug 4, 2019
Nice variety of cupcakes.
Lindsey Dillon via - Jul 24, 2019
Amazing Desserts. Everything looked so good. I forgot what the cake was called, but it had a Raspberry filling with a cream cheese frosting... Mmmmmmm...
dj jenicyde via - Jul 24, 2019
Try the blueberry lemon cupcakes - My Favorite ... read more
Laurie Barnes via - Jul 24, 2019
Let me start out by saying I have ...
Let me start out by saying I have never left a yelp review before. I believe service is service no matter what happened, good or bad. But I felt I had to finally post a review. If your in a jam and in need of a birthday cake call and ask for Lisa at the hummingbird bakery in Vallejo ca. The day before my woman's birthday I forgot to ... read more
Michael W. via - Jul 21, 2019
So I brought home two dozen cupcakes ...
So I brought home two dozen cupcakes for a dinner party I was having... Of course I didn't remember all the flavors... This added so much more fun to the party and the screams of joy when biting into the cupcakes the first time was not only exciting but hilarious. These cupcakes are so amazingly great!!!
Kristin S. via - Jul 21, 2019
I got three words for you and that's ...
I got three words for you and that's "very moist cakes." As a baker, this is something that I haven't quite perfected just yet. Hummingbird bakery has nothing but a good selection of delicious desserts. This bakery was amazing. I'm not sure what all I got, but I tried a lot of things and they were all great.  Later on in the day I wa ... read more
Raymond L. via - Jul 19, 2019
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