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9-inch Cakes

1/4 Sheet Starting at $35+ and 1/2 Sheet $55+

Hummingbird Cake


Our signature cake
Layered cake made with pineapple, banana, coconut and pecans with cream cheese frosting

Banana Foster Cake


Layers of white cake with banana mousse, caramel topping and vanilla whipped frosting

German Chocolate Cake


Layered German Chocolate Cake with coconut pecan filling

Chocolate / Chocolate Cake


Layered chocolate cake with fudge frosting

Coconut Pineapple Cake


Layered white cake with homemade pineapple filling and a rich buttercream frosting covered in coconut

Champagne Pound Cake


Buttery champagne/lemon pound cake with lemon glaze

Caramel Cake*


Layered white cake with caramel frosting

Yellow Cake


Layered yellow cake with rich buttery chocolate frosting

Lemon Cake


Layers of lemon zest cake with lemon filling and light whipped lemon frosting

Neapolitan Delight Cake


Layers of classic white and chocolate cake filled with strawberry mousse with a light whipped chocolate frosting

Coconut Cream Cake*


Layered coconut cake with pecan cream cheese filling and cream cheese frosting

Fruit Basket Cake*


Classic white cake layered with strawberries, bananas and pineapple, iced with whip cream

Red Velvet Cake


Layers of Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Fresh Strawberry Cake


Classic white or chocolate cake filled with 2 layers of fresh strawberry

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake


Layers of chocolate cake filled with raspberry mousse with a light whipped chocolate frosting

Snickers Cake


Layers of chocolate cake filled with crumbled snickers candy. Iced with a light whipped frosting

Miami Vice


Classic white cake layered with pineapples, fresh strawberries, and iced with a Pina Colada whipped frosting

Champagne Kiss Cake


Old Vallejo favorite reinvented with layers of classic white cake filled with 2 layers of champagne custard and iced with a light whipped frosting. Garnished with pink white chocolate flakes

Banana Peanut Butter Buttercream Fudge


Layers of banana cake with fudge filling and peanut butter cream frosting

Tuxedo Cake


Layers of white and chocolate cake, a raspberry filling, vanilla whipped and a fudge topping


Cup Cakes $2.85 | *Cup Cakes $3.50


Red Velvet

Strawberry Mouse Cheese Cake


Half & Half

Chocolate Raspberry

Very Lemon

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon

Chocolate Mocha

Raspberry Cheesecake

Black Forest

Champagne Pie


Pina Colada

Fresh Strawberry

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry*

Snickers / Reese Cup

3 Citrus

Chocolate Mint

Orange Cream Sickle

Caramel "Turtle"


Strawberry Lemonade

Peaches and Cream

Strawberry Cream Cheese

Zesty Lemon Blueberry

Chunky Monkey


Apple Pie

Cherry Pie

Banana Nut Fudge

Chocolate Chocolate

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Dessert Bar Menu

Banana Pudding


A classic old fashion Southern recipe: homemade custard, fresh banana and wafer (vanilla)

Bread Pudding


Grandma’s secret recipe!!!!! Topped with a rum sauce

Chocolate Éclair


Homemade custard filled eclair topped with a delicious chocolate ganache

Peach Cobbler


Traditional old fashion Southern Cobbler

Turn Over


Light buttered flaky crust filled with an apple cinnamon sensation or Plump cherries

Pound Cake Loaf


Raspberry Sensation


Triple Treat




Slice of Cake


A La Mode $5.75





Regular $1.75 | Large $2.50


Regular $1.75 | Large $2.50

Ice Coffee

Regular $2.75 | Large $3.00

Blended Ice Coffee

Regular $3.00 | Large $4.00

French Press Coffee

Regular $2.00 | Large $2.75

Milk Shakes


20 oz








* denotes Sugar Free item



*Butter Milk Pie


*Cheese Cake Slice


Add $1.00 Topping

*Old Fashion Tea Cakes


*Russian Tea Cakes


3 cakes

*Earthquake Cake




*Sweet Potato Pecan Pie


*Cake Pops


Nuts and Flavors subject to change



*Ice Cream


*Ice Cream Sundae


16 oz

*Ice Cream Cookies